San Francisco Region Members Honored at SCCA National Convention

January 26th, 2017 by Sherry Grantz

SFR members were recently honored at the SCCA National Convention held in Las Vegas.

Jim R copy
Jim Rogaski,
SFR Steward, is this year’s recipient of the Woolf Barnato Award, SCCA’s highest award, presented to the member who has made the most outstanding long-term contribution. Winners are nominated by the last three recipients and approved by the Board of Directors.

AllAllen Davis Techen Davis, San Francisco Region Tech Chief, and Dave Kettler, of the Milwaukee Region received the John McGill Award. This honor is presented for significant contributions to the Club Racing Program. The winners were chosen by the Club Racing Board and the Vice President of Club Racing.

New SCCA Hall of Fame Member Joe Huffaker, Sr.

For more than 30 years, Joe Huffaker Sr. was one of the most successful racecar constructors. In 1954, he was contracted to build an Austin-Healey Special.  The car, known as the Huffaker-Healey, was a common site in the late 1950s on race tracks in Northern California. In 1959, Huffaker joined British Motor Cars in San Francisco to open a competition department. Known as BMC Competition Department, this effort spawned a very successful string of cars including the BMC Formula Juniors and Genie Sports Racers.  During this era, BMC Competition Department became one of the largest racecar manufacturers in the United States.
huffaker4“I really appreciate being involved in the SCCA all my life,” Huffaker told Saturday’s audience via Skype. “Thank you for including me in the SCCA Hall of Fame.  It’s a big honor for me.”

Huffaker was inducted into the San Francisco Region Hall of Fame in 2007.


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