Oil Recycling Rocks at Thunderhill

May 2nd, 2016 by Sherry Grantz

OilRecylingpacecarThe State of California, Ross/Campbell Company and the SFR/SCCA have once again partnered to deliver the environmentally sound message to all who will listen that recycling used oils and filters and the use of re-refined oils is a good thing for the environment. After two previous award-wining programs the show is back on because motorsports and the men and women who participate in motorsports serve as excellent spokespersons for the oil-recycling cause. “It is simply right for us [SFR SCCA] to embrace and promote good environmental habits going forward,” noted SFR SCCA Regional Executive Dr. Gary Pitts. “We were among the most effective programs back in the day and now we are, on again. We will successfully combine our motorsports with a socially responsible mission — the recycling of used oils and filters,” he said.

For drivers in the club the program gives them the opportunity to boast about their role in making the world a better place while sharing with sponsors and friends the added value that their support creates. Decals will once again appear on SCCA race cars as will the Recycling Rocks logo and message on various materials generated by the Club. Participation will be voluntary. Select Club events will feature partnerships with other state agencies and grantees who share the goal of eliminating the environmental issues caused by dumping used oil into the ground and our water ways. The program will continue through 2017 with the possibility of renewal if all goes well.

“We are thrilled to be back in the race seat with the San Francisco Region of the SCCA with a unique and proven oil recycling program,” noted Ross/Campbell principal Shawn Campbell. “We are very familiar with the efforts of the state and their various partners charged with addressing the pollution impacts caused by used oils. I can say, from experience, that the dynamic back drop of motorsports is a convincing medium for achieving success in this area.”

For more information about the program contact Shawn Campbell at 916-446-4744 or Terry Taylor at 530-934-5588 Ext 102.

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