September 8th, 2022 by Mabel Hildreth

San Francisco Region is proud to announce it will host an all-new National event for 2023 called the WESTERN SHOOTOUT. This exciting development has been a work in progress with SCCA to create national enthusiasm during the western swing of the Hoosier Super Tour. By taking full advantage of Thunderhill Raceway Park, the weekend format will use all configurations of the East Course and the Full 5-mile Course. Planned for May 4-7, 2023 the Western Shootout weekend starts with Thursday practice sessions, a Friday Cup Race on the 2-mile short East Course, a Hoosier Super Tour Sprint Race#1 on the 3-mile East course on Saturday, with the main Feature Race #2 event Sunday using the full 5-mile course. Unique to the Western Shootout event will be the naming of 2 championship titles. The first being the traditional awards for the Saturday and Sunday Races and a special second award to the Western Shootout Champion. To win the coveted Western Shootout Title the racer having gained the most points from the combined three races – The Cup Race, The Sprint Race and the Feature Race – will capture the title for each competing class. No other race event has more track time, more courses and more awards than our San Francisco Region Western Shootout. This will be a spectacle drawing the best National racers from the country to our home turf for a fun filled weekend. Competition should be fierce, the excitement extreme and the thrills to last throughout the event leading up to the Western Shootout Championship trophy ceremony on Sunday.

Mark your calendar now to become the first Western Shootout Champion. Spread the word and encourage your friends from around the country to come out West for this special racing event. This is a multi-year commitment San Francisco Region is making to its members, to attract the best, to boost participation while stimulating National participation.

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