Worker Highlight – Mary Lou Robson

April 18th, 2018 by James Chartres

How did you get started with SCCA?

I moved to California from Colorado in 1961 after getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and went to work at SF General Hospital. I contacted an old friend from Colorado and she reintroduced me to her older brother who I started dating. Long story short, I’d known him since I was 4 years old and ended up marrying him. He took me to my first Sports Car race at Cotati and I had a hard time following the different classes, the lapping, etc. Next time, he was working as a flagger and I was bored, so I decided I’d better find something to do and became a “Phone Girl”, now a “Communicator”. After a couple of years I became Chief of Communications and held that position for 20 years. I then moved to Race Central, now Race Administration, Announcer, Chief Announcer, Steward in training, Steward, and now Deputy Executive Steward. For several years now, I’ve been the Region’s Chaplain mainly because no one else was doing it. I loved the Chapel services put on by Motorsports Ministries at the Pro events and always wished someone would do it at our club events, so I decided I should do it.

Along the way, I went thru Drivers’ School in a Spec Racer and got my competition license in 1993. I also crashed into some haybales killing a mouse and earning the nickname “Verminator”. My late husband restored a 1961 Crosley Hot Shot for me to race and I ran the Monterey Historics 3 times earning “The Way it was Award”.

Mary Lou Robson Relaxing at Social

What is your current position?

As Deputy Executive Steward, I not only act as a Steward at our SFR races, I’m responsible for Steward training and assignments throughout the year. I review the Supplementary Regulations after they’re approved by the Board of Directors before they go to National SCCA for final approval.

Mary Lou Robson Working Communications (3rd from the Right)

What do you I like about the SCCA?

I’m truly one of those folks who came to SCCA for the racing and stayed for the people. My fellow Stewards and other officials are my family. When each of my husbands died, SCCA was my support group. I love SCCA but I have to say, I miss the old days when it was really a Club and not a Business.

What don’t people know about what you do?

I’m sure many people in the club don’t know all the jobs the Stewards do. Chief Steward, Chairman of the Stewards of the Meet, Safety Steward, Operating Steward, Tech Steward, Sound Steward, Driver Advisor, Pace Car Driver, and Results Steward.

Mary Lou Robson Awarding Driver of the Weekend

Thank You!

Throughout her years with SCCA Mary Lou has earned a variety of awards including:

  • Premier Award of Merit in 1975
  • SCCA Regional Executive Award in 1976
  • RDC Worker Performance Award 1991 (to the Announce crew when she was Chief )
  • Thunderhill Worker of the Year in 1998
  • SCCA Worker of the Weekend Oct. 6-8, 2000
  • SCCA Board Award 2002
  • SCCA Board Award 2003

Thank you for all your dedication, support and the countless amount of work you have put in to make the club special.

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April 25, 2018 at 11:06 pm, Donna Duffey said:

Mary Lou — you missed your Chaplain work — such a great blessing to SFR..


April 21, 2020 at 3:04 am, Marlyn Morris Riter said:

Mary Lou
I found this great article about you. I have been trying to locate you since I didn’t hear from you at Christmas. We have years of friendship, high school and Nursing. I hope to hear from you.

Does anyone know about Mary Lou ?

Life long Friends forever
Marlyn Riter


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