How to Qualify for the 2018 Runoffs

November 17th, 2017 by Sherry Grantz


The question on many drivers’ minds these days is how to qualify for the Runoffs at Sonoma Raceway in 2018. SCCA National had recent article: No Significant Changes to 2018 Runoffs Qualification Criteria

The following is from the 2017 GCR, so may see some changes, but we can predict that the following describes the methods for getting to Sonoma next October 16-21.

Excerpt from 2017 General Competition Rules

3.7.4. SCCA Runoffs

SCCA schedules and conducts an event each year called the SCCA Runoffs, open to all U.S. Majors Tour participants and Division Championship participants who meet the invitation qualifications. A competitor must qualify in the same class(es) in which he is entering the Runoffs, though he may compete in any car eligible for the class(es). The SCCA Runoffs determine the SCCA National Champion in each eligible class. SCCA publishes the Supplemental Regulations defining driver and car eligibility and other event details.

Invitations to the SCCA Runoffs Three distinct paths exist for qualifying for a Runoffs invitation. Invitations are issued to all drivers in each Runoffs-eligible class based on the following minimum qualifications:

1. Majors Tour Super Tour and/or Conference Events

A competitor must meet participation requirements.

Participation Requirements

Participate on track in a minimum of three separate U.S. Major Super Tour and/or Conference event weekends and have a minimum of three individual race starts, all in the same class. Events may be a part of any Conference. A driver may substitute two Regional-sanctioned weekends for one of his three Majors weekend participation requirements.

Eligible Regional weekends shall occur between January 1 of that year and a date not less than three weeks prior to the start of the Runoffs or as otherwise specified in the Runoffs supplemental regulations. Endurance races are not eligible.

Drivers in the following classes may replace participation in one Majors weekend with an SCCA Pro Racing weekend in the corresponding class. Drivers must request this replacement through the Club Racing Department, and pay the entry fee to a Majors event of their choice, to be collected and distributed by SCCA. GT1- TA GT2- TA2 or TA3 T1 – TA3 or TA4 T2 – TA4 FA – F4 This replaces participation but not the Majors starts requirement.

2. Division Championship Events

There are both participation and performance requirements to qualify for the Runoffs through Division Championships.

Participation Requirement: A competitor must participate on track in a minimum of four of a single Division’s championship points weekends in the same class.

Performance Requirement: A competitor must finish in the top three positions in his class point standings, except SM and SRF3 where the top five will be invited.

If a Division Championship is not concluded at the time of the Runoffs, invitations will be extended to competitors meeting the requirements at a period of time three weeks prior to the start of the Runoffs event. This allows Divisions to run programs year-round, if desired.

In addition to the Top 3 (Top 5 SRF3/SM) Divisional points earners nationwide, SCCA BoD will allow drivers in the top 50% in CenDiv and Great Lakes Divisions for 2017 to be eligible for Runoffs invitations on a space available basis.

3. Defending National Champions

In addition, a current defending National Champion, who has not met the Runoffs invitation requirements in 3.7.4.A.1 or 2, may be accepted as an entrant even if he did not meet the participation requirements of 3.7.4.A.1 or 2. a. The entry will not be included in the total count of Runoffs invitations. b. He may compete only in the class(es) being defended, though he may compete in any car eligible for the class(es). c. He will not bump anyone from the field who was invited based on the qualifications in 3.7.4.A.1 or 2. d. A driver may not invoke the provisions of this section in two consecutive years in the same class, even if he repeats as a National Champion.

4. Additional Requirements

The driver must hold a current SCCA Full Competition License or SCCA Pro License.

3 Responses to “How to Qualify for the 2018 Runoffs”

November 25, 2017 at 5:32 am, Peter Vail Mills said:

I haven’t raced in 35 years. During the early ’70s, I raced Opels in 2.5 Trans-Am and upgraded to an Opel Manta which finished 4th in its maiden race at Laguna’s June Sprints (out of 21 cars in B-Sedan) after a thrilling, race-long, clean duel with David Burns’ Alfa GTV. Got my FIA license at end of 1970 season, finishing 2nd to Dick Gordon’s Volvo in COW/PAC series. Became a volunteer driving instructor in the NW Region’s driving schools in 1971 and took over at end of season as chief instructor and competition director for region, positions I served for several years. Economically dropped from racing in 1976. Returned to driving Van Dieman Formula Fords in 1980-thru-1982’s Jim Russell Series at Ontario, Riverside, Laguna Seca and Bridgehampton, winning 54 of 80 races. Got to evaluate myself as driver. Got re-married.
Now, here I am– at a young 75 years– asking if there’s any way I could qualify for next year’s runoff’s at Sonoma Raceway? Whadda ya say? (Or, tell me…)
Thank you for taking the time to consider this modest proposal.
Pete Mills (760) 567-8754


November 26, 2017 at 3:24 am, James Chartres said:

You might look into doing drivers school in February to get your license ( and rent a car with our local race car providers:


January 15, 2018 at 4:10 am, David Arken said:

>In addition to driver school there are other paths to getting your license back. Contact the SF region and have them put you in contact with Jon Becker the Region Chief Instructor.


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