Board of Directors Call for Candidates

July 30th, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

Determine the Future of the Region

Become an SFR Board Member!

The 2018 Board of Directors election will be in October. If you would like to be a candidate for the Board of Directors, you will need to submit a candidate petition no later than September 4.

Petitions must be signed by 50 current San Francisco Region members. Candidates should make sure those signing the petitions also print their names legibly so the signatures may be validated. Including the member number will also assist in this process.

Petitions must be delivered to the Region Office no later than September 4 either by mail to PO Box 308, Willows, CA 95988; or fax to 530-934-7275; or email to

Candidates can submit a statement for the September and October issues of The Wheel and the SFR web page. Statements must be received by August 28 for the September Wheel or September 27 for the October Wheel. They also can be submitted by mail, fax or email (see above).

The Region Board of Directors consists of the Regional Executive and six Directors. Three members of the Board of Directors are elected for two-year terms in even numbered years, and three members are elected in odd-numbered years. To be eligible for Regional Executive, you must be or have been a member of the Board of Directors. Only SFR members may hold elected offices.

The election process will be through online voting on Requests for a paper ballot should be sent by mail, fax or email (see above). Online voting will open on October 11 and close on November 5.

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