2018 Supplementary Regulations Approved

February 1st, 2018 by Sherry Grantz

The 2018 Supplementary Regulations – rules outside the General Competition Rules (GCR) – that apply to San Francisco Region events have been approved.

Do yourself the favor of reading through the Supps, at least the parts that have a black bar in the left margin signifying new or changed items.

Changes have been made to:

  • Entry fees (e.g., Thunderhill Major fee has been reduced!)
  • Groups – your class in Group 3 or 5 may have moved; FE2 and SSC5 were added
  • Minimum weight must now be displayed on the car as per the GCR
  • Yellow flag rules now reflect the GCR rules
  • Trophies will only be presented through third place for races and year-end
  • Points are now the same for all classes

You can find the complete Supplementary Regulations here

Don’t be left in the fog . . . read the Supps!

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