2016 Road Racing Champions and Trophy Winners

November 7th, 2016 by Sherry Grantz

Paul Zimerman The Wheel Regional Driver – James Devenport, P1

Rookie Driver of the Year – Jeffrey Cook, Spec Racer Ford

A Sedan Champion Terry McHenry
Club Ford Champion Richard McClosky
Second Daniel Wise
D Sports Racer Champion Andy Juner
Second Robert Christensen
E Production Champion Matthew Insley
Formula Atlantic Champion Steve Baumhoff
Formula Continental Champion Scott Vreeland
Second Ken Rozeboom
Third Jeffrey Pietz
Formula Enterprises Champion Allan Svela
Formula F Champion Chuck Horn
Second Steve Meyer
Third David Jalen
Formula Mazda Champion Ritchie Hollingsworth
Formula S Champion Robin Riner
Grand Touring 1 Champion Rob Davis
Second Robert Davis
Grand Touring 2 Champion Mitch Marvosh
Grand Touring A Champion Rudy Peters
Grand Touring Lite Champion Patrick Casey
Improved Touring A Champion Tupper Hull
Second Leeson Grant
Third Lawrence Murdter
Fourth Brandon Miller
Fifth Jeff Page
Improved Touring E Champion Brian Anderson
Second Ted Hill
Third Igor Lyustin
Improved Touring S Champion Tao Takaoka
Second Ben Brandt
Improved Touring eXtra Champion David Allen
Second Gregory Hoff
Third Yehia Eissa
Prototype 1 Champion Jim Devenport
Second Charles Chi
Prototype 2 Champion Aaron Bailey
Spec Miata Champion Tommy McCarthy
Second Brent Hatchet
Spec Mustang Champion Sean Wheeler
Second Clark Nunes
Third David Ray
Spec Miata T Champion Roland Kamber
Second Tupper Hull
Third Tao Takaoka
Fourth Brian Cross
Fifth Marco Gallaher
Super Production Champion Bruce Trenery
Second Joe Montana
Spec Racer Ford Champion Michael Boyle
Second Jeffrey Cook
Third Andrew Cook
Fourth Hank Raymond
Fifth Ed Railton
Spec Racer Ford 3 Champion Umberto Milletti
Second Bill Jordan
Third Brandon Lewis
Fourth Robert Breton
Sealed Spec Miata Champion David Allen
Second Brandon Miller
Third Kirk Uhrlaub
Fourth Gregory Hoff
Fifth Cole Gibson
Super Touring L Champion Tim Auger
Second Wilson Powell
Super Touring U Champion Bob Bradfield
Second Bruce Trenery
Touring 2 Champion Clark Nunes
Second Don Van Nortwick

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