Jeff Olinger

My name is Jeff Olinger and I’m running for the Board of Directors San Francisco Region SCCA.  I first joined the region back in 1974 when I got out of the military. For a period of time, I ran Formula Vee, but I chose to focus on my wife and children.

In 2000, I became an assistant director with SCRAMP. One year later, I became Director of Communications responsible for the 911 center and all Information technology. In 2005, I became a member of the region again and went back to racing until 2009. Since then I have been a member of the pit fire crew, worked the Long Beach Grand Prix and the Formula E race in Brooklyn. I’m currently the Co-Chief of the Emergency Crew. Most important to me is that fact that since I have been part of the region I have felt part of a large extended family and because of it, I had opportunities to grow. Because of that, I feel it’s time for me to give back to the region.

The region is at critical point right now. Currently almost all specialties are having issues finding volunteers to work events. This session we have had back to back events which has made it very difficult to staff. We have made several attempts via social media to get new workers but for some reason that has not worked. There are two things we need to do. The first is ask the people that are no longer coming out to work why they aren’t participating any longer, i.e., fuel, lodging or the amount of time.

For those people who are members and aren’t participating what can we do to get them to come out and support the region? One thing we could do is start the Saturday morning Coffee and Cars up again and see if people with the various specialties will go out and participate so people know what we do on a racing weekend. Additionally we could visit some of the colleges and talk to them about what we do on a race weekend.

San Francisco Region SCCA is a very well respected region within SCCA. If given the opportunity I look forward to serving the region and its members.