David Vodden

AA/BA/MBA…President & CEO- San Francisco Region Properties, Inc.

The first thing I ask of you is to VOTE! This Club’s future depends on your engagement! We need the greatest engagement of the broadest cross section of our membership to create a new SFR/SCCA. To VOTE you can get a hard ballot. Call Sherry on 530-934-4455 or e-mail her at: office@sfrscca.org. Leave a call-back number and mailing address and ask them to send you a ballot. You can also VOTE through MotorsSportReg.com. You do this by going to the MotorSportReg Registration home page [Google it]. Once on M.S.R., scroll down to the very bottom and click on SURVEYS. The ballot will appear. VOTE FOR THE BOARD MEMBER OF YOUR CHOICE – [ME] – and the RE position. This process begins on September 30th and continues until November 7th. This is how you exercise your responsibility to VOTE.

There are six candidates running for three [3] seats. Those elected will serve for two [2] years joining Roger Eagleton, Tim Sullivan and R. J. Gordy who have one more year to go. Of the six candidates, Clint deWitt, Blake Tatum and I are incumbents running to continue. New candidates include: Cecil Barbee, Seth Reid and Jeff Olinger. These gentlemen are all current workers within the Club. Cecil is our Paddock Marshall. Both Seth and Jeff are on the Emergency crew. Seth is the Chief. All three new candidates should be applauded for offering to serve. All three incumbents deserve the same consideration. Ultimately, you need to select the best candidates to do what needs to be done to make the Club better for all! The Club needs you to get involved. Being on the Club board is very important.

What criteria should you use to make your selection? Popularity tends to be the Club way. Not good! Just like in High school, popularity is a major factor in how our leadership has been selected. Here are some better ones. Demonstrated leadership and management skills. Yes! Clear statement as to what they will attempt to do? Can they do it? There should be some evidence that they will do what they say and not just “fall-in-line”! How about a resume and proven past-experience in areas that impact the Club? YES! You get what you vote for so VOTE but vote based on what you feel will help make this Club better and relevant in the next five to ten years!

If you vote for me you get the following: thirty three years in management of the Club’s business acting as Club Region Manager, Marketing Director, Track Project Leader, Thunderhill President and CEO, Consultant; a wealth of contacts relevant to the business of the Club; decades as a motorsports promoter, track manager, Club officer and official, retailer, journalist, announcer, public affairs expert, race car driver, car owner, class champion, key contact to most race tracks in California, track and Club race insurance experience, financial expertise and much more.

If elected I will do the following: continue the Five Year Planning vision-tool; shift the minutia of running the Club to a well operated business office; reduce the need for fifty [50] signatures to run for the Club Board; create show-design strategies that will rebuild the Club’s race program; make this program a TOP Priority; develop systems wherein volunteers have pre-assigned events allowing the Club to know, in advance, that pre-determined teams will handle Laguna Pro support and/or Thunderhill. Privatize key functions like Timing and Scoring, make member recruitment a top priority; invest significantly in this effort, identify what successful Clubs are doing to recruit and retain key membership positions, and reintroduce “Overbuys” for non-members. There is more.

I have done this for so long in so many ways that I never run out of ideas, some good, but all aimed at making the Club and Thunderhill better for you!

Thank you for voting for David Vodden -SFR/SCCA Club Board member!