Clint deWitt

Clint deWitt

What have you done for us lately, Clint?

[1] A new low-cost spec racing class (SSC5) like Spec Miata, but with triple the horsepower:

I’m proud to have initiated this dynamite new spec class, (SSC5) for sealed spec C5 Corvettes (1997-2004). It uses inexpensive Chevy parts and features Corvette handling and reliability, but has 3 times the horsepower of a Spec Miata!

[2]  The plan to double the number of students at next year’s SF Region drivers’ school:

I am heading up the drive to double attendance at the 2019 Drivers’ School from 40-50 students to 100 — hopefully with a similar boost to Regional race entries!  Students next year will qualify for a full competition license [no requirement that our students complete 3 races as a novice] and the school will be advertised at the Runoffs and nationwide, with a seminar by local National Champions as a drawing card.

[3]   A trophy for the First Place Novice in Class:

Since most beginners go years before they ever win a trophy, especially in large classes like SRF and Spec Miata, I started the program where an SFR Drivers’ School student in the first year out of school also competes for a trophy against the other, first-year drivers in that class, rather than just against the hotshots that tend to dominate that class.

[4]  The revival of the PCRRC [Well almost, but not yet]:

I started the original PCRRC [Pacific Coast Road Racing Championship] and it lasted 25 years! However to be a true west coast championship, it needs a Travel Fund Sponsor so that racers from up north and down south can compete here on an even basis. Two years ago, we thought we had our new sponsor, only to lose out to a pro team — but the hunt for a new Travel Fund Sponsor continues undaunted!

To continue these pursuits, I need your vote! Clint deWitt