Cecil Barbee

Hello to All,

My name is Cecil Barbee and I’m running for the Board and am asking for your support.

My love for racing started in the late 60’s, four wheels at the ¼ mile, then to two wheels and back again to four. I joined SFR-SCCA in 2001 as a volunteer on the Course Marshal team and worked with the crew for a number of years eventually becoming Assistant Chief and later Chief. My initial goal as Chief was to get the crew off the tailgate and into a safer position as I always put safety first. I held this position for seven years and in order to better my position as Chief, I went to drivers’ school to learn the mindset of a race driver.  I also learned to listen to issues and formulate plans to address them. It was during this time that I obtained my competition license with SCCA and raced # 46 Miata renting from Ian Cook.

Currently, I am the Chief Paddock Marshal and have spent time asking drivers and crews as well as race officials about issues that they feel are in need of reworking. One issue I have spent a lot of time on is ending the long lines and land rush that occurs when crews and drivers first arrive to gain entry onto the track. The current situation shortens tempers and cuts into participant’s time by extending the race weekend by hours or more in order to get ahead in the line for better paddock space. I feel with other board members help, we can end some of the frustration and make coming to the track a more enjoyable event for us all.

Volunteers, drivers, crew members and Solo are all an important part that require equal attention if we are to survive as a motor sport club. I’ll always have an open mind and work with dedication for all our members and groups.

I have a lot to learn regarding some issues and am asking for your support in order to achieve our goals.

Together we can advance the Team Spirit!

Thank you.