Barbara McClellan

I am a candidate for the position of Regional Executive for the San Francisco Region and want your vote. Before I talk about myself, I’d like to remind everyone of the mission and vision of SCCA. The Mission of the SCCA is to fuel a safe, fun and exciting motorsports experience for auto enthusiasts. The Vision of the SCCA is to be the preferred motorsports community in the US, built on fun, shared passion and access to an exhilarating motorsports experience. I’m repeating these because I believe they set the culture for the Mission and Vision of San Francisco Region of SCCA.

As I sit down to write this statement, I think of the challenges we’ve had to meet this year. We’ve had a racing schedule that was admittedly one of the worst we’ve had to deal with. But we did. We’ve had the challenge of trying to sign a contract for a Solo site—and we’re still working on this. We will persevere. We have a continuing problem having enough volunteer Race Officials at our events. We recognize this and continue to try to attract new volunteers with a very active social media presence. I know that getting volunteers is not unique to our Region or our sport. I’ve talked with a number of non-profit organizations and this is a continuing problem. We know we need to address attracting the younger generation another way. But that is not to say that we don’t value the experience of those who have been here over the years.

Another challenge we face is for our Region to become more tech savvy. We recognize that especially with Timing and Scoring know we need to invest in more technological infrastructure. We’re hoping over the winter that we will be able to have an IT consultant determine what is needed. We’re also looking at how to utilize MotorsportReg better. We may use it, as other Regions do, to register our workers so we know exactly how many we have available and any issues prior to the start of a race weekend.

We had the pleasure this year of welcoming a new CEO to WeatherTech at Laguna Seca. And to show us how important he thought SCCA and SFR are to them, he became a member of the San Francisco Region his first day on the job. We had an opportunity to meet him at several crew meetings that first day too. We continue to work to improve our relationship with Sonoma and enjoy a great relationship with Thunderhill Raceway Park.

One of the things I feel strongly about is that each leader needs succession planning. I have that plan in place for my replacement and intend to make this my second and last year as your Regional Executive. I’ve said in the past that it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to help attract new participants to our sport, but it is each Chief’s responsibility to train and retain the volunteer members. One of the things that the National SCCA is pushing is making SCCA have a welcoming environment. I would hope that not just Chiefs feel it is important for San Francisco Region to have a welcoming environment, but I hope every member of this Club makes it a point to smile and say hello to someone they don’t know at every event.

Your Board of Directors has worked to publish a tentative racing schedule for 2019 in which the racing is spread out more across the season. We published this early knowing that we most likely will have to make changes, but it lets everyone start planning ahead.

When I reread last year’s campaign statement, I found that I still have the same goals and I think they are good ones.

First, I want to ensure that the Road Racing Community has safe, fun, and fair racing. Second, I want to assist the Solo community obtain a more permanent site. Third, I want to grow our membership in all areas of the Region—drivers, Solo participants and volunteers. Fourth, I want to continue our successful relationships with our three area race tracks—and maintain a financially sound club.

For those of you who do not know me, this year I received my 50 year membership in SCCA. I started as a turn worker on the Communication crew and was also a Chief. I have been a Steward for the past 20 years and hold a National Steward and National F&C license.

It is essential to our cub to have a good balance between business and club culture. Both are extremely important. Many workers and drivers do not really care about the running of SFR–they just want to race or work the races to have a good time. It is the role of the BoD to provide a safe, fair, and fun atmosphere, as well as a sound financial footing–which I believe our club has. Your BoD has worked hard to provide that.

All of us–workers, drivers, and board members–have a responsibility to talk with each other and work together. Board members need to be willing to discuss issues with members and be accountable to those who elect them. I am always there and always willing to listen to members about problems, issues, and suggestions. I don’t have all the answers, but I make an attempt to help solve the problem, give advice, take suggestions, or just be a sounding board. I would urge each SFR member carefully read each candidate’s statement for this year’s Board of Directors to see where they would lead this club. Being an RE and a member of the Board of Directors takes time and commitment. That is a high priority for me. I urge you to be sure to vote when the election opens in October.

I believe that there is a place for every SCCA member who joins our region and I ask for your vote.