Linda Rogaski

Hi, my name is Linda Rogaski. I’ve been on the Board for two years, and boy has it been an eye opener! We have had a pandemic, a continuing decline in workers and an increase in drivers!

This Region belongs to all of us, all our voices need to be heard. If I am re-elected I commit to continuing to work on:

  • Opening two-way lines of communication, I will let you know how and why decisions are made. I will listen to your concerns and suggestions and take the information to the Board.
  • Establishing work-groups to address issues the Region is facing today, such as:
    • Member recruitment
    • Volunteer training
    • Drivers concerns
    • Competition from other sanctioning bodies
    • Passing the torch from baby boomers to millennials and younger members
    • Identifying what we do well and how do we build on it
    • Identifying what we should be doing better and how do we get there

Jim and I have been members of SFR for almost 40 years. In the early years we were auto-crossers and then moved to road racing. I started doing registration back in our autocross days and stayed with registration in road racing. It’s the best crew there is, you get to meet everyone! I have seen a lot of change in those 40 years. Once upon a time we were the only game in town. Times have changed, people have changed, and we need to make sure the Region changes also.

We have three outstanding autocross programs in different areas of the Region – Fresno, Bay Area, and Sacramento. The needs and challenges are different for each area. Let’s address those needs and make sure our autocross programs remain strong and continue to grow.

Road Racing has seen many challenges over the years. We are continuing to experience strong competition from other sanctioning bodies, escalating track rental costs, and reduced number of volunteers. Without a strong volunteer program we are not going to be able to sustain a racing program. We need to encourage drivers, their friends and families to volunteer when possible.

What can we take from other groups that make them successful, how can we adapt those programs to fit out needs? We need to build a Region that supports the passion that our members have for the various racing venues.

This certainly is not going to be done by one person, five people or 25 people. This will take the efforts of all our members to build the Region we want SFR to be.

Let’s do this!