Christopher Linkous

My name is Christopher Linkous, I have 5 years of experience with the San Francisco Region SCCA family. As a volunteer for the past 5 years, I have met and worked with many of you.

Those who do not know me, I will change that in the coming months. You may ask what qualifies me to run for the board, aside from a passion for motorsports. I have spent my short time absorbing the necessary knowledge from the long-time, dedicated members to spread it to new members for the future.

The San Francisco Region SCCA has a legacy that is worth protecting by growing. In order to continue we must adapt to a changing society and bring ourselves into a more modern era utilizing the immense knowledge base of the existing members. If elected, I will work closely with my fellow Board Members, the RE, the Office and all members of the club to ensure we all have a voice in the future of this great club.

I started out quickly becoming the Co-Chief of the Course Marshal crew, I was successful in maintaining and building on a core group of members to ensure we all remained safe on track. I orchestrated the duplication of the equipment for the two primary racing locations to simplify not only for my own crew, but also for all the future crews.

After finding a replacement chief, I was asked to join the Steward-in-Training program, and now to become a Steward. This has opened for me a whole new aspect of road racing. The nucleus of this organization stems from the driver’s themselves. I want every one that comes out to have a safe and fun-filled weekend of wheel to wheel racing. I recently began working with the Race Chairman/Social chief to ensure all the worker crews and driver’s have what they need for a fun and safe weekend.

From the Course Marshal Co-Chief, to a Steward, to an Assistant Race Chairman, I have proven that I am up for the tasks. If elected I will take that same enthusiasm I exhibited for each of those areas and apply it to the Board of Directors duties and the future of the organization.

Future strategic planning for the club going forward will be one of my primary missions. I will work to create a program(s) for the driver’s that incentivize them to race with the SCCA and not other racing organizations. I will work to solve the ever increasing crisis of volunteer shortages, utilizing attraction and retention programs.

We all love the SCCA and want to see it survive these challenging times. I am always open to listening and from that creating a forward plan to move this organization into the future.

I am asking for your vote to be elected to the board of directors of the San Francisco Region SCCA.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Christopher Linkous