Sherry Grantz 2020 Director Candidate Statement

Most of you know me or have talked with me on the phone over the past two decades. I retired from the SFR Region Manager position last year, having started that job in 2002.

Retirement has advantages – I don’t have to get up early and go to the Office; and disadvantages – it’s really boring since I can’t leave the house or see friends. With all this idle time, I really need something to do. Hence my running for the SFR Region Board. But it’s not all about what I need.

Working for SFR gave me comprehensive knowledge of the racing and business sides of the Club. I processed thousands of race entries, provided the best customer service I could, managed elections, handled finances, kept the web page up to date, etc. But really, my job was solving problems. I want to use that ability to help the Board solve the problems that arise in the Club’s future.

If I am elected my main goal will be to revive the financial management system that was in place through 2018. As Region Manager I handled all the financial accounts for the Club, providing Profit & Loss statements (P&L) to the Board each month and compiling a Region budget for over ten years. Most of these things have fallen by the wayside recently. To keep the Club running in this era of little income, finances will need rigorous attention and strict budgeting.

If I am elected to the Region Board, improving this situation will be my main focus. And like I mentioned, I’ve got plenty of time to focus on it.

On the Solo side, I believe completely in letting the Solo Chapters – Bay Area, Sacramento and Fresno – operate with complete autonomy in managing their operations and finances.

To round things out, here’s some of my resume:

  • I started with SFR in 1990 as an autocrosser and wound up Solo Chief in the late 90’s.
  • I spent my work week at Thunderhill for 18 years and always enjoyed seeing race cars arrive at the track.
  •  I’ve worked in Timing & Scoring for road racing since around 2006 and love being part of that hard-working team.
  • I processed your race entries in the Office for years and still can associate most of you with your cars and car numbers.
  • I am dedicated to helping the Club continue to provide the best racing experiences for everyone.

I think I’ve made a case for you to vote for me in October, thereby helping us all to stay on track.