Joseph Kirby 2020 Director Candidate Statement

Hello everyone,

My name is Joseph Kirby. I am currently a Co-Chief of Emergency Services and this year I am running for a seat on the Board of Directors for our region! All my SCCA experience, so far, has been as a volunteer.

As a board member, one of my goals is to further advocate for our volunteers. I will work to ensure that each of our crews have current and updated equipment to make each event as safe and efficient as possible. I will look into new ways for promoting the club to entice new volunteers and work on retaining those volunteers! I would also like to work with the specialty chiefs to explore new training opportunities, possibly creating an in house educational group or look for outside training opportunities.

Over the last two years, I have been working with a company to gain sponsorship for our emergency crew. This company has provided us with some essential personal protective equipment. A goal of mine is to find additional sponsorship opportunities so that more of our crews would benefit. I also plan on attending Motorsport conventions and car shows to create a network of people that we can draw innovative new ideas for track safety, as well as provide potential new members with access to our Solo, Road Racing, and Volunteer programs.

Now to all the racers,  as a volunteer, I  understand that we cannot enjoy our passion for motorsports without you! Maximum track time and safety are goals we all share. With your support, we can work together to recruit, train, retain and enjoy our weekends together. I would love to speak more with our drivers, and I would greatly appreciate it if you share any insight or concerns you may have.

I will admit that I have a limited understanding of our Solo program. But what I do know is that we share a passion for cars, skill, and speed! Sometimes it feels like we are distant cousins but it is my hope that more of our Solo brothers and sisters would enjoy the opportunity to see some world class racing. As we work to recruit volunteers, and as we create a training program, my goal is to also bring some training to you. Some of our volunteers would have the opportunity to see a different side of our club and hopefully participate in Solo events. And for our Solo members, I know that you guys have been trying to find a site that is local and permanent. I would like to assist in making that a reality.. It would create the opportunity where we can all enjoy more of what our club has to offer.

As we look to the future I would also like to remind everyone that this is a social sport. Our love of racing is made better because of who we share it with. In our current environment (COVID), it is difficult to embrace that very important side of our community. But as we move forward, I also hope to remind all of our members about the enjoyment we gain from each other.

As your San Francisco Region Board member, I can ensure you that I am committed to all of our members. I realize I have ambitious goals. But the family that is our club, has welcomed me in, and I only hope to give back, and continue to grow all of our programs and our club so we all have an incredible future together!