David Vodden 2020 Nagional Director Candidate

Area 9 = Reno and San Francisco Regions.

VOTING: All SCCA Members in these areas @ October 1st are eligible to vote and will receive an electronic opportunity to do so.

VOTING is done via my.scca.com. between October 15 and November 15. Be on the lookout! Or initiate!

Your vote for me will get you the best possible resources to do what you need done to insure a quality, full spectrum SCCA experience for you and all current and future members. Here is why.

  1. Unparalleled experience in motorsports across a broad spectrum of the industry including but not limited to thirty three years on the job, every day for the SCCA!
  2. Vast knowledge of the business of the Club, the industry and the many components that have to line up to optimize the club experience for the majority of members.
  3. In depth experience in the motorsports insurance industry and the key people within, who manage all components that effect the Club  starting with Participant Legal Liability, General Liability and Medical Reimbursement.
  4. Long-time experience in track development and management including knowing what a track needs to be successful with and for the Clubs and the members.
  5. Long-time exposure to the evolution and operation of other track club organizations that share the market place with the SCCA. Knowing how others do what we do is invaluable.
  6. Financial knowledge of all aspects of motorsports – Club administration, promotion and sponsorships, team development and accounting reports.
  7. Aware of the legal requirements and historical uniqueness of a 501 C-4 corporation such as the Club that was incorporated on April 15, 1953.
  8. Exposure, understanding and good relations with road tracks and managers on the west coast and across the nation. Same for west coast SCCA regions.
  9. Past Regional Manager, event promoter, journalist, car owner and current driver in the SF Region. Many race wins and titles along the way.
  10. Chief Executive Officer of Thunderhill Park since 1990.
  11. Actively engaged as attendee at the National Conventions and supporter of our National Directors including Roger Eandi, Dr. Gary Pitts and others.
  12. Participated in the development of Reno Fernley Raceway as advisor/helper in the beginning and with others seeking to re-open the track in recent years.
  13. Participated in the successful deployment of Sacramento Solo to action at Thunderhill Park in 2019.
  14. Worked hard to get Rally Cross up and running in the Region and have a National Rally Cross event planned for 2021.

The candidate you want to vote for is the one that can bring you the most value for your time, effort, energy and money spent having fun with cars the SCCA way.

Not the most popular, not the best looking, nor even the nicest. You need the best person for the job who has a proven track record of getting things done. Think Thunderhill.

Your vote for me will get all of the above working for you to solve problems and build a better, more relevant and enjoyable SCCA experience for you and your family of SCCA.

Thank you in advance for your vote.

David Vodden

President & CEO – Thunderhill Raceway

Phone: 530-934-5588 ext. 101