Charlie Davis 2020 National Area Director Candidate Statement

I have served on SCCA’s National Board of Directors, representing Area 9, since late 2016. I joined SCCA in 1978 as an autocrosser , Pro Rally organizing committee member and road race tech inspector. Since then, I have served on numerous advisory committees, the Solo Events Board, and spent over 20 years as a San Francisco Region Solo Steering Committee member, chairing that committee five times. I have also been a roadrace communicator and club ambassador.
While serving on the Board of Directors, I have been liaison to the Club Racing Board and more recently to the Solo Events Board and Time Trial Board. Our current Board of Directors has made a lot of progress toward getting a handle on the financial situation of the club and specifically the Pro Racing portion of the club. I can’t take any personal credit for this progress, as the 13 member Board is truly a collaborative effort along with the Executive Team in Topeka.  Despite the bizarre circumstances of 2020, we are strong, lean and poised for an even brighter future.
Our club structure  is a very  complicated business model. We are a club with member staffed committees and boards, and at the same time a business with a paid staff that implements our programs with club members as shareholders. I’m very proud to have been a part of our search to find a President and CEO several years ago and I am very glad that we found Mike Cobb to serve in that capacity.  When you find someone capable of wearing all the hats that the President of this club wears, the Board of Directors has to know  when to step back and let that person run the show, and have the confidence that he will do it well.  We have that confidence in Mike.
The person who you choose represent San Francisco and Reno Regions needs to be a team player who values all of our programs equally and the hard work, dedication and contributions of all the members. I believe that I am that person and I serve the club without conflict of interest.  I also believe in continuity, and feel that when an incumbent is representing the members well, he or she should continue into their second and final term to that end.
Thank you for allowing me to serve our club.
Charlie Davis
SCCA Area 9 Director 2016-2020