Blake Tatum 2020 Director Candidate

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I am asking for your vote in the upcoming Board of Directors elections. Why should you vote for me? The answer is simple, I have been there and done that.

I started on the Board of Directors when the club was going through a bad time. Money was tight and we were close to being broke. I saw how the Board was able to increase per event revenue and turn a dire situation into a position of solvency. I learned how financial planning was essential to the operation of the club and saw that things like a budget and a game plan are keys to making sure the club is around for years to come.

I was on the Board during good times. I was around when the club was experiencing times of unprecedented growth. Regional championships were meaningful and every run group enjoyed strong fields. Competition from other racing organizations was not a concern. The volunteer work force was strong and we enjoyed pro support at both Sonoma and Laguna Seca.

My recent stint on the Board I would have to call ugly. Ugly because we have a lot of challenges and there are no easy fixes. The market has changed and we have not responded. We face stiff competition from other racing organizations and even from track day groups. Your volunteer work force is depleted to the point of exhaustion. In short there are a lot of tough decisions that need to be made.

I know from my past experience that in order to make change you have to know where you came from and why the change is needed. I also know that in order to make that change you have to have a vision and be ready to suffer through the growing pains of that vision.

With good planning, creative ideas, and some self-evaluation we can get back to good.

Let me put this in racing terms: if your car has a mysterious misfire are you going to entrust the fix to an apprentice mechanic or would you go with the journeyman that has been around the block a few times?

The answer is simple, this is a problem for a journeyman, please vote for Blake Tatum.