Bill Booth 2020 Director Candidate Statement

Over the past 4 months, I’ve had the special opportunity to join the Board, filling in for a vacated spot. And what impressed me most was the massive amount of effort it takes, all by volunteer staff, to put on a race weekend and the race season. It’s truly impressive. Which led me to ask…

What distinguishes the SCCA and our Region as a top-flight auto racing organization? Why do we choose to spend our time with the club? Most would point to the close, high quality racing. Others to the safety record. Some to the impressive organization, all by top quality volunteers, that goes into each event. And many to the camaraderie we all share. I’d list them all, as I’m sure you would as well.

But today we see a number of challenges to this vision –increased costs, decreased participation at both the racer & volunteer levels, increased health & safety precautions, a need to respect & balance legacy activities and yet bring in new approaches, and more. All represent “clear and present” challenges to our organization. While some of these are beyond our control, we can control one thing – ensuring each and every participant gets full value from their participation.
What are the qualities that we should look for in choosing today’s leadership to ensure each participant – driver, volunteer, partner – gets the value they look for? I’d submit there are 3 primary factors:

1. Participant perspective. In an organization with so many moving parts, It’s critical to bring to bear perspective from Drivers, Volunteers, and Administrative staff to come to the right decisions for the group.
• Our Board today is light on Drivers. With over 25 years as an SCCA member, racing in our Region and across the country, I can bring this perspective – adding to the insight from the other respected Board members – to maintain top level competition, while knowing what it’s like to wrench on my car when things don’t go as planned.
2. Management perspective. With over 3000 members, operating multiple events at multiple venues, it’s important to have those who have the experience and know how to organize and support a large organization.
• With over 30 years experience in companies from start-up to Fortune 100, I know how to form direction, align a team, and execute.
3. Growth perspective. An organization grows & evolves over time. I’m told our organization has lost 50% of its members over the last 10 years. Now more than ever, while respecting our legacy, we need to bring in more drivers, more volunteers, more partners, and try out new approaches to continue to create an interesting & exciting experience for members old & new.
• An engineer at heart, I’ve spent most of my time in business development, marketing, & sales roles at the companies I’ve helped grow. I’d like to the opportunity to bring this experience to bear for our organization.
So, what’s in this for you, you ask? I’d like to close with a thought I wrote after my first win at Sonoma Raceway 10 years ago… Yes, our sport is about machinery, about athletics, about mental strength. But more than anything it’s about people. Think about a typical race weekend – how many people are involved? How many hours of conversation, trading stories, tips, beer? How many life-long friendships developed beyond the track? At the end of the day, it’s about the great people we choose to spend our time with, to entrust our safety with, to strive to improve ourselves with, on these race weekends and beyond. And I’m honored to have the opportunity to be among you, for the years past and hopefully for many in the future.
Will you join me in helping take our club to the next level?