2020 Region Elections

Welcome to the 2020 Regional Elections!

This year we have one person running for the Regional Executive position, five people vying for three seats on the Region Board of Directors, and two people running for the Area 9 National Director position.

The Region Board of Directors consists of the Regional Executive and six Directors. Three members of the Board of Directors are elected for two-year terms in even numbered years, and three members are elected in odd-numbered years. The Regional Executive is elected each year for a one year term.

Voting will be from October 19th to November 10th 2020. You can vote online at MotorsportReg.com (Click Here) or by paper ballot. If you would like a paper ballot, call the office to have one mailed to you. All mail-in ballots will need to be received by November 10, 2020.

Voting for the Area 9 District Director is done by SCCA National. Go to http://my.scca.com. Once you log in with your member number, click on Member Resources in the top menu, and then Surveys and Voting. the 2020 Area 9 BoD Director survey should be listed.

Update 10/18/2020 – added link to the Regional election survey and the text of how to vote for the Area 9 Director.
Update 11/12/2020 – Results are in!

Regional Executive

Region Director

National Director, Area 9