Tim Sullivan

WOW!  Two years on the Board.  It has been an amazing learning experience.  I read my candidates statement from 2017.  Boy was I a novice.

Leadership in this club takes many forms.  It is not always from the RE position.  It comes from the Chiefs, Volunteers, Drivers and everyone who works so hard to make this club work.  In the last two years, I have learned it takes everyone’s input to make the whole club operate.  As most of you know, my ears are always open.  I want feedback.  No, not all feedback will be implemented.  That is the nature of a club.  But feedback is important, as without it, we can’t make intelligent decisions.

If elected RE, I want to continue that.  All Directors, and especially the RE, need to take and seriously listen to all feedback. While this is a Candidates Statement, I would like to thank Barbara McClellan for all the invaluable knowledge she has shared with me the past two years.  While she is stepping down, she will still be at the racers and available. I want to also thank the rest of the Board, the Chiefs, Drivers, Volunteers, as well as all the members that have helped me gain greater knowledge of how we work as a Club.

We have had a challenging year.  A lot of that was involved with change.  We attempted a January Majors, we had never done this before.  On a Sunday and Monday.  As a lot of you know, it was done to improve our relations with Sonoma.  In the past, our arrogance eliminated our spots at Sonoma.  That was not in the best interest of the club.  This coming year, for 2020, we will have 2 actual weekends.  I hope to foster and build this relationship, it will only happen with your help.

We also changed 3 day events to 2 day events.  This increased our weekends at Laguna to 4 weekends.  This was due to surveys we sent out.  We also agreed to a Hoosier Super Tour.  It was too late in the season.  It was a fun event, but a bust.  We won’t do that again.  In fact, we will only have one Major next year.  While I would like two Majors, conflicts with other regions will not allow that.  I hope we can change that in the future.

We also revamped and changed some of the volunteer rewards.  We addressed the inequities in the Volunteer points system as well as the DRAFT card process. In addition, we are subsidizing rooms at Laguna for volunteers.  This has proved popular, and increased Volunteer participation.  I just got a call from a new volunteer who said it was the easiest check in ever on MSR.  There are still some bugs, but we will get it right.

As part of SCCA’s “Welcoming Environment”, we have moved to free dinners for ALL.  This promoted camaraderie.  It was a hard sell at first, but it is working.  We are a family, a team.  Sometimes it’s hard to change things, but when we work together, as a Club, it works.

Moving forward, we still have challenges.  Driver Safety on track and enforcement of rules is paramount.  If we don’t do that, we will lose people, principally, the drivers.  They have other venues that they can chose to participate in.  We need to realize that. We are a club, but we are not the only game in town.  Those days are long gone. We need to adapt to the times and be flexible.

While I have spoken about the last year or two, I would urge you to vote for me to keep this process rolling.  While I am a relatively new member, I have worked with folks with decades of experience and knowledge.  Trial by fire, so to speak.  Why would anybody want this position?  The answers may vary, but for me, it is to further our Clubs prominence and keep the road racing program sustainable and moving forward.  We have the most robust program in the nation. We want to keep it that way. Our SOLO program is really doing well, and has high turnout.  Fresno, Sacramento and the SFR Bay Area groups all are highly attended. Rally Cross is starting to take hold. Time Trials is also starting to look promising as well.  There is also a new program, Bracket Road Racing, which could also show some promise.

There are lots of ideas out there, perhaps you are reading this, and you have one.  As the RE, I will always welcome ideas, and listen.

I humbly ask you to vote for me for Regional Executive.

Tim Sullivan.