RJ Gordy

By my best recollection I got involved in the politics of our club in 1988.  I have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly.  Each of those to an extreme.  My continued involvement in club politics has been driven by the belief, accurate or not, that I can make a positive difference in what we do for fun.

At this point in our history it is my belief that we are coming away from a tumultuous period and heading for better times that will emphasize the fun factor that keeps most of us off the golf course.

There are some substantial issues ahead of us.  Guess what? Most of them have been on our table for nearly 75 years.  Guess what? Many of them are going to outlive us. It is incumbent upon our club leaders to improve our lot in life to the best of their ability.  This cannot be done by one individual but can improve if the leadership will work together on identified challenges that can be overcome mutually.

This belief that we can make positive changes if we work together to overcome attainable goals, and that those who want to improve our club will step up, was the deciding factor in my decision to run for another term on the Board of Directors.

First, there is Tim Sullivan.  Tim took over this past year as our Competition Director, among other things, and has announced he is running for Regional Executive.  He has earned your support and I am very excited to work with him and try to keep him from burning out.

Our relationship with Sonoma Raceway is improving daily and I will work to keep this opportunity beneficial for our club racing program.

WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca has undergone political upheaval over the past two years.  Our club has a very unique and valuable relationship with the track, and we need to continue to keep that relationship alive and well.

We need to keep in mind our business side of the equation.  This year we have been able to bolster our infrastructure by, among other things, buying a new trailer for Tech and a new grid board for the grid crew. We have been able to maintain our emergency equipment and purchase new technology for timing & scoring.

We continue to steward our club owned facility at Thunderhill keeping it among the finest motorsports facilities in North America.

We have continued to have one of the more active autocross programs in SCCA as well as almost unheard-of participation in Concours D’Elegance events in Northern California.

Yes, there are issues with volunteerism and staffing events, but guess what?  Those same challenges plagued our club in 1948!

I hope you can see, from my point of view, that “things” are looking positive, and with some hard work and the enthusiasm of a motivated Board of Directors we can improve our club.

I ask for your support in making good things happen.


RJ Gordy