Concours Staffing

Join Us for SCCA Volunteer Official Opportunities

SCCA provides the judges, Registration and Scoring Crew, and Field Crew for Concours.

  • Registration and Scoring registers entrants when they arrive, finalizes judges’ scorecards, and organizes the award forms.
  • The Field Crew identifies entrants and directs them to their location on the field.
  • Judging: If you have a knowledge and interest in the details of automobiles, you may qualify to be a judge.

The current Concours volunteers would love to welcome you to their crew. To learn about Volunteer opportunities contact one of the officers listed below.

2019 SCCA Concours Board of Directors

Ed Therrien:                  Chief-of-Concours,

Butch Wright:               Chief Judge, 559-935-3327,

Shirley Wright:             Chief-of-Scoring,

Darren Townsley:         Chief-of-Field, 925-803-9805,

Tom Gano:                   Director-of-Marketing,

Jim Perell:                    Director-of-Communications/SCCA Liaison,

Morris Lum:                 Photographer/Webmaster,

Dr. Shannon Davidson: Member-at-Large

Pat Wille:                     Secretary/Treasurer,