Tim Sullivan Candidate Statement

Board Director Candidate

Tim Sullivan

My name is Tim Sullivan and I am running for the BOD of the San Francisco Region of SCCA.  This is my third season racing in Group 5 and Group 7 (ITX and SSM), and have had a great time doing this and have met lots of great people along the way.  In addition to driving the #56 Miata, I have had the opportunity to work the track as a flagger, as well as doing announce duties this season.  Both of these jobs are fun and get you in touch with not only the driving experience, but how the whole event works as well.  Without the volunteers that tirelessly work to keep our events going, SCCA would not be as successful, and well organized as it is.  Everyone from the Chiefs to the corner workers donate their time and energy to make this whole thing work.

I have attended a few board meetings and realize it takes a whole lot of individuals to make this work.  This includes the drivers.  Club racing is a fun challenge.  I have seen a decline in volunteers due to attrition, and see we don’t have a whole lot of people stepping up to replace them.  This could be problematic in years to come.  Recruiting new volunteers and enticing drivers to choose to race in SCCA is vital to our continued success.  This is not just an issue with SCCA, but also in other auto enthusiast events.  I am currently President of the Northern California Corvette Association, and we as a club have the same issues:  loss of volunteers to attrition and lack of new members willing to volunteer.  I believe as a club, SCCA SFR region can reach out to younger people and get folks to join the SCCA family and compete.

Part of the problem in getting younger people involved is the cost.  Spec Miata is one of the cheapest routes to Club Racing.  Even so, the entry price to compete is close to $15,000 or more to get your entry ticket with a car that can compete.  I am a young 57, but I have to say I don’t see a whole lot of real young folks racing.  We do have a few, but I think we need to have an appeal for people to race in the SCCA SFR region without having to mortgage the house.  If folks are going to spend $500-800 a weekend to race, plus expendables, they need to be able to do it often.  I am not sure how many folks attend and race all seven weekends, but from the numbers I see published, it’s not a whole lot.  To appeal to the younger crowd, I believe we need to somehow come up with ways to keep the costs down.  At least for folks that can’t spend $5,000 a weekend on tires, brake pads, rotors, etc.

I think this can be done by expanding classes, and working with the veterans on the Board to attract not only new drivers, but new volunteers.  To succeed in the 21st century world of racing, we will need to adapt and find a way to attract new volunteers and keep them interested.

If elected, I would want to be a part of getting ideas floated to make this a reality.  I think in conjunction with current volunteers and driver input we can make this happen.  Only by working together and coming up with new fresh ideas can this be achieved.  If elected, I will make every effort to listen to ideas from both volunteers and drivers in order to bring these ideas to the Board for consideration.  My ears will always be open to all members’ ideas and I will always look for ways to make the club prosper and grow for the future.  I do ask you for your vote to make this happen.