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Updated 9/11/2009

Street Touring U 
Solo2 Cup Points for 2009 

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Street Touring UAveraging 4 entrants; projecting 2 trophies
NameCarBest 11Total1413121110987654321
* Paul Tibbals06 STi1800180000002002000200200200200200200200
* Chas Wiegman97 BMW M313901390200160160160130110160110110900000
* Tom Sadler06 STi117011700020020001600160013016000160
* Carlos Cintron07 WRX9909900000160130200130130110130000
Brian Ferdinand06 STi330330020000000000000130
Andy Yu04 STi320320000000001601600000
Erik Bigford06 Infiniti G35240240000000000000130110
David Newell08 Jetta220220000000000011001100
Steve Peterson08 STi1601600000000000001600
An Nguyen95 BMW M31601600000000000016000
Isaac Roose07 Impreza1301300130000000000000
Tyler Visger07 STi1101100110000000000000
Lukon Feliks08 Evo9090000000009000000
Tim Kostrewa94 BMW 3259090000000000000090
Henry Spate07 WRX7070000000000000070

KEY: (See Supplemental Regulations for detailed official rules)

Averaging N entrants; 
projecting M trophies


The number of trophies awarded in a season depends on the average number of entries in a class. This is the average as of the last event, and the number of trophies if 

  • this average holds at season end, and 
  • there are sufficient competitors qualified for trophies.

NOTE: These numbers may DECREASE or increase with each event.

Tn Name


Has been awarded an nth place trophy

* Name


Has run 7 events: half of a 14 event season; projected to be eligible for a trophy, assuming we run exactly 14 events.



Sum of all points scored in season events to date

Best 11


The Best 11 scores so far (3 drops have been given to date); one drop is given for every 4 events held. 14 events are projected for this season, implying 3 drops will be given at the end

Doug Hubbard for results/times 888-0803

Ray Miller for results/times questions || || (916) 726-5833

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