Road Racing


SFR offers wheel-to-wheel amateur racing with 12 to 14 races each year at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Sonoma Raceway, and Thunderhill Park.

SFR drivers have close, exciting racing in everything from production street cars to purpose-built, formula race cars. The links above under Club Racing will provide much of the information you need to enter, prepare for SCCA racing, and follow Region results and points.

If you can’t find what you need here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you join us for some fun!

For race photos, contact RC Photography.


Latest News

Worker Highlight – Mary Lou Robson

How did you get started with SCCA? I moved to California from Colorado in 1961 after getting my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and went to work at SF General Hospital. I contacted an old friend from Colorado and she reintroduced me to her older brother who I started dating. Long story short, I’d known […]

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2018 Runoffs, Sonoma Raceway — Loggers Needed!

I am sure you are aware that the 2018 Runoffs will be held at Sonoma Raceway and I would like to invite you to join the logging team. If you do not know me, my name is Jennifer Bicket (I used to work all the time in F&C but got pulled away to T&S!).  I […]

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Notes From The Archives – Moffett Field

Moffett Field Words by: Gary Horstkorta August 16, 1953 was the date for the inaugural road races at Moffett Field, the former World War II Naval Base for Lighter-Than-Air blimps in Mountain View, CA. With the huge blimp hangers as a backdrop, a rectangular course with rounded corners utilized the fields runways and taxiways. It didn’t take […]

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Worker Highlight – RJ Gordy

How did you get started with SCCA? In the Fall of 1985 I read a magazine article praising SCCA’s success in its first year of competition with the purpose-built Spec Racer. I shared the article with a partner at work who also had an interest in cars. Our search led us to SCCA and their […]

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