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Monster Park at Candlestick Point

View site plan .. Thanks, Keith Hearn!

The new name is from the sponsor, Monster Cables. Cute, huh?

Medium sized, bumpy asphalt lot. Really three lots: the "close lot" is long and skinny, and quite bumpy; the "outside lot" is huge but is so bumpy that non-stock cars tend to break when they run there; the "far lot" is smallest but is the least bumpy of the three. This site is not friendly to low, highly modified suspensions. But you can build a Monster course here! 


From 101 north, 
  • Take the first (southernmost) Candlestick exit
  • Follow the road around to the right, to the point where you can see the stadium and parking lots on your left
  • Take a left through the gate into the stadium area
SCCA tends to share Candlestick with the Porsche Club, and it's likely that there will be more than one autocross running at a given time. Look for the one that isn't all Porsches. If all the cars parked near the gate are Porsches, then we're probably in the "far lot", and your goal is somehow to get past the PCA autocross without being hit by a speeding Porsche or otherwise annoying anyone, to find us over at the other end of the lot. This requires a different route every time, and usually isn't marked, so be creative! 

Site photo courtesy of James Creasy and GlobeXplorer  

Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 March 2007 )