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McAfee Coliseum
(formerly Network Associates Coliseum and Oakland Coliseum)

Large, smooth, asphalt site. Very slippery, easy on tires. Somewhat similar to San Diego's Jack Murphy Stadium, but more slippery and without the elevation changes. 

Actually two lots we have used, the southeast corner and the northwest corner.  Mostly it's the southeast.


From 880,

  • Take the 66th Ave. exit (one exit north of Hegenburger)

  • Drive around to the entrance on the north end of the Coliseum

  • This entrance brings you in near the north lot.

  • Usually, SCCA uses the south lot, so bear left and drive around the east side of the Coliseum to get to the autocross site.

If you see a lot of cars, that may be it; but beware that sometimes other clubs (Porsche, BMW, NASA) hold events there at the same time we do. If it's all one make of car, it's probably not SCCA. Look on the other side of the Coliseum.

All Oakland events should be considered tentative until a week or two before the event. The Coliseum maintains the right to cancel events on short notice. Always confirm any The Coliseum events a few weeks before the event, either by calling the hotline number, checking this web site, or monitoring the bay area autocross mailing list. 

Site photo courtesy of James Creasy and GlobeXplorer  

Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 March 2007 )