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O Street Prepared Championship Points for 1997 O Street PreparedAveraging 15 entrants; projecting 5 trophies NameCarNetTotal151413121110987654321 *Jack Van Wettering'69 VW Bug20402260130200130130900200200130130200200160160200 *Archie Co...

O Street Prepared Championship Points for 1997

O Street PreparedAveraging 15 entrants; projecting 5 trophies
*Jack Van Wettering'69 VW Bug20402260130200130130900200200130130200200160160200
*Archie Collantes'81 Toyota Starlet17901860160901602002001601301300160160110700130
*Louie MartinezCelica, '74 Toyota Corolla1660166020016000160130160160000130200200160
*Tito SolisCorolla, '85 Toyota Starlet1097109790110001302000110200305017501100
*Joey delos Trinos'74 Toyota Corolla9299291101900501101109011000090130110
*Steve Bradford'91 Ford Escort GT9009007013011011070900016000160000
Pilar Miranda'94 Mazda Miata67067000200160110000020000000
*Edgar T. Garrote'85 Toyota Corolla5255251817001670501407011070303030
*Giles KennyCorolla, '73 Toyota Sprinter50050019200501809018090902015700
*Jojo Collantes'81 Toyota Starlet44946420185030155019200110050161650
*Anthony Abeleda'74 Toyota Corolla4164281616707017030130507030121816
Steve Van Wettering'69 VW Bug370370303000000000130900900
Mark OwenDatsun 510, Datsun 240Z270270009090000090000000
Hugh MonroyToyota MR2T210210000000707070000000
Edwin RodriguezCelica GT, '81 Toyota Starlet2032035070000017123000013110
Karen IlaganCorolla20020020000000000000000
Jun delos Trinos'74 Toyota Corolla199199000000203000019110200
Nick Aseoche'82 Toyota Starlet144144000000000000130140
Paul Cordell'94 Ford F150124124000000000030150970
Charles Roberts'74 Honda Civic90900000000000000090
Guy Hutchinson'92 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4878700000301500001611150
Sam BradfordEscort GT676717500000000000000
Mark Cookson'92 Mitsubishi Galant VR-467670000001800001814170
Bong Solis'81 Toyota Starlet636300000000000005013
Rey ManalacStarlet636300001300500000000
Jason ErohSuzuki Swift GT50500000000050000000
Michael Borromeo'82 Toyota Starlet464600000000000091918
Mert Solis'74 Toyota Corolla363600000000000061020
Noel Columna'85 Toyota MR2363600000001900001700
Daniel Bowlden'95 Mitsubishi Mirage323200000000002012000
Jay Sy'82 Toyota Starlet323200001400000001800
John SchubertMazda RX-7313100000016150000000
Richard TuazonCorolla303015150000000000000
Mike CamiciaDatsun 51030300000300000000000
Michael de Guzman'74 Toyota Corolla272700000000000001314
Noel ForssMazda MX5 Miata252500000014110000000
Sean Sturm'72 Datsun 240Z20200000000002000000
Bart Kay'80 Ford Mustang20200000000000002000
Jonathan VelaHonda Civic Si20200000000020000000
Rich UrschelLotus Elan20200000200000000000
David Borden'66 Cobra Replica19190000000000001900
Irwin Leung'95 BMW M319190000000000190000
David Jacobsen'74 Honda Civic19190000000000000019
Steve KlimekDatsun 51019190000190000000000
Mike Willwerth'72 Datsun 240Z17170000000100000700
Hans MattesMazda Miata17170000000170000000
Ryan Figueroa'81 Toyota Starlet17170000000000000017
Art MuncheryanCelica16160000000160000000
Edgar Gayon'95 BMW 325is1616000000000000880
Francis Borromeo'82 Toyota Starlet15150000000000000015
Karen KaganCorolla14140140000000000000
Ricardo DeJesus'92 Mazda Miata14140000000000014000
Renato DeJesus'92 Mazda Miata13130000000000013000
Michael DraegerZ2813130000001300000000
Lionel FigueroaCelica12120000120000000000
Jose Mari Gispert'85 Toyota Corolla GTS12120000000000000120
Carlo CampbellVW Cabriolet11110000110000000000
Jim Richey'87 VW Golf11110000000000011000
John Gispert'85 Toyota Corolla GTS10100000000000001000
Sean HawkinsHonda Civic DX99000000090000000
Mario IbasanColt88000000080000000
Francisco Ibasan JrColt77000000070000000
Elizabeth Cookson'92 Mitsubishi Galante55000000000000500
Eric AbesamesDodge Colt44000000000000400

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*Has run 8 events: half of a 15 event season; projected to be eligible for a trophy, assuming a full season.Averaging N entrants; projecting M trophiesThe number of trophies awarded in a season depends on the average number of entries in a class. This is the average as of the last event, and the number of trophies if
  • this average holds at season end, and
  • there are sufficient competitors qualified for trophies.
NOTE: These numbers may DECREASE or increase with each event.
TotalSum of all points scored in season events to dateNetTotal minus lowest N scores, where N is the number of drops given to date; one drop is given for every four events held. 15 events are projected for this season, so 3 drops will be given at the end

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