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San Francisco Region's Competition Licensing School

Thunderhill Park

SFR's annual, once-a-year competition licensing school

Next school February 2017

Event Schedule - typical

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Want to go racing?  Complete the San Francisco Region SCCA Driving School held and you’re on your way.  Students receive an SCCA Novice Permit which allows them to enter SCCA Regional Road Racing events anywhere.

All students completing the course are eligible for the SFR Rookie Driver of the Year award presented in November.

Entry fee $650 through Feb. 29 ($680 afterwards)


The three-day school consists of on-track training with instruction by nationally licensed drivers, practice starts and races, and personal download sessions to discuss your driving sessions. Ground school will be covered in an online class to be completed before the school weekend.

Start Here

1.    Join SCCA if you are not already a member: you can join online at any time on the National SCCA web page
2.    Schedule your physical and have doctor completely fill out SCCA Physical Form 
3.    Fill out the Novice Permit Application

4.    Send to National SCCA Licensing: Physical form, novice application, and copy of current state driver's license:      This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fax to: 785-232-7213
Mail/overnight to: SCCA, 6620 SE Dwight St, Topeka KS 66619

5.  Enter the school at    You do not need to have your novice permit before you enter the school (but you should be working on it). Credit cards are not charged until after the school. Entering allows us to send you any updated info and help you make sure you have everything you need before the school starts.

6. Access the Online Ground School and complete the course. You must have proof of completion before going on track at on March 4-6.

Online Ground School Instructions

Contact the Region Office if you have any questions: 888-995-7222 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

About three weeks after sending in the required paperwork, you will receive your Novice permit and a current copy of the GCR (General Competition Rules) book in the mail from the Topeka office of SCCA.  The GCR provides information on specific vehicles, car classification, and equipment and safety requirements. Students should pay special attention to the section on flags.

Safety Gear Required

While waiting for school day, you can gather all the required drivers gear:

  • Helmet with a Snell sticker of 2005 or later,
  • Head and Neck Restraints meeting SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858
  • One-piece driver’s suit that covers the entire body from the neck to the ankles and wrists. All suits shall bear an SFI 3.2A/1 (or FIA 1986 Standard) or higher, underwear of fire resistant material unless you have a drivers suit SFI 3.2A/5 or higher.
  • Gloves, driving shoes and socks made of fire resistant material

All this is described in detail in the General Competition Regulations (GCR) which is also available online at  on the Club Racing page - click the link for Cars and Rules

Rent a car or use your own race car?

Most students rent a car from one of the many local race shops. Renting a car makes your school days easier since the renter prepares the car for school (including going through Tech) and takes care of the car during the school so you can concentrate on driving (and getting an occasional rest break). Our Rental Race Car Services List  is the best place to start if you are renting.

If you have your own race car, you need to make sure it  meets all the SCCA safety requirements. Contact the SFR Chief of Tech Allen Davis to arrange a tech inspection.

You will be very busy during the school so we suggest you bring someone along to help you out with fueling, getting the car to the grid area and helping with any mechanical problems that may come up.

School Day – What to Expect
When you arrive at the track on Friday morning, go to Registration on the first floor of the Clubhouse (four-story building). Registration open at 7 a.m. Take your SCCA Membership card(s) and Novice Permit.

After Registration, go to Tech Inspection (north end of the paddock along the front straight). Take your race car's log book, your helmet, driving gear, and Novice Permit to get a weekend tech sticker for your car. If your car has a current annual inspection sticker or stamp in the logbook there's no need to take your race car. If in doubt take your car.

School will start with a short orientation session and introduction to your instructor.

Then your on-track driving begins and you are off for a whirlwind or activity, learning, and excitement. The day will be fast paced and if you are not prepared, it will be more difficult for us to help you achieve your goals.

Typically, you will do a ride and drive with your instructor in a street car for a general orientation and instruction. Then you will begin the 30-minute lapping sessions in your cars followed by a critique of performance, and then do it all again. The lapping sessions are for learning the line.

As the weekend progresses, there will be more lead and follow activities, the pace will quicken, and there will be more learning "the line", practice yellow flags, red flags, and black flags.

On the final day, there will be practice starts and races where you'll show your instructors everything you've learned: how to be on time, how to leave grid safely, take a pace lap, take the flying start in a pack of cars, make it through the first turn, settle down and cut fast laps on the line, and take the checkered flag.

Almost all students graduate and have their Novice Permit signed off. The ultimate question for getting a license is “Are we willing to go on the track with you?”. If the answer is yes, you get an SCCA racing license!


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