Candidate Statement Roger Eagleton

Board Director Candidate

Roger Eagleton 

I started club racing with SCCA-SFR in 2010 and won a championship that same year (Spec E-30, thanks David Allen for helping me get started!). At that time, I really did not understand or appreciate the significance and history associated with the SCCA. In my mind, there was SCCA, NASA and a bunch of track day groups (some of which also offered wheel to wheel racing).

However, after racing with many different organizations over the past seven years, I have come back to the SCCA with a new found appreciation for what makes THIS group so much different. First and foremost, it is the PEOPLE! Heck, most of the same faces and names from 2010 are still here, almost a decade later, doing everything they can to keep the club going!

Second, it is the HISTORY! There is no other racing organization that can claim Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill and countless others as past members!

Moving forward, these two things (dedicated people & a unique history) are some of the main strategic advantages that our organization has over the countless other groups that are competing for members. If we want to move forward as an organization and survive, we need to leverage our people and history to attract the next generation of racers, volunteers and staff to keep this great organization alive!