Candidate Statement Charlie Davis

My name is Charlie Davis and I currently serve as Area 9 Director, replacing Brian McCarthy late last year after we sadly lost him to cancer.  Brian spent his time as a director looking out for the best interest of average SCCA members. Specifically, members who are in the same boat as myself, underfunded racers doing their best to continue racing and enjoying our club. I consider this to be Brian’s legacy, and I am happy to continue in his stead.

I joined SCCA in March of 1978, and transferred my membership from St. Louis Region to San Francisco Region in March of 1981.  I have been very involved in the Solo community since then, serving on the SFR Solo Steering Committee from 1981 until 2010. I have also spent 5 years as Solo Chief. I continue to attend as many local autocross events as I can, designing courses and working as a Solo Safety Steward.

In addition to my local volunteer positions, I have served on four national Solo Advisory Committees, the Solo Events Board and I created the Solo Tech Inspection program in the late 1980s after serving as a road race Scrutineer in St. Louis and SF Regions from 1978-1983. I have also worked F&C and as a Club Ambassador in San Francisco Region.

After being appointed by the Board of Directors in late 2016, I attended my first BoD meeting to find that the number one priority was to find our club a new president.  I’m happy to have been a part of the process that has brought us Michael Cobb as President, from a field of over ninety applicants.  Mike has our unanimous support and we have complete confidence in his ability to help the club to grow and prosper.  With Michael Cobb in place, the board can now turn our attention to other areas in 2017.

On the national board, I currently serve on the Governance Committee and the Budget and Finance Committee. I am also a liaison to the Club Racing Board (CRB).  I came to the CRB discussions with no pre-conceived ideas of how the processes should work, and I have heard from members on their ideas, concepts and dissatisfaction with various parts of the processes of car classification and equalization.  The BoD will be working on improving those programs, and I look for your input.  I am open to all comments on how to make the racing and volunteer environment better for all of us and how to grow the club.  I am in favor of Club Racing programs that do not put the National office in competition with the Regions for entry fees.  We need to grow our club from the bottom up. I also want to make sure that the interests of Solo are represented at the director level.  There are many areas of participation in SCCA and every one of them can be a destination in its own right.  Any group who has an interest under the SCCA umbrella deserves to be heard and represented.

I am very typical as an SCCA member.  I came for the cars, and stayed for the people.  SCCA is an incredible community and above the racing, above the service to the club are the many friendships that I have made over the last forty years.

I am endorsed by the San Francisco Region Solo Steering Committee.

I have enjoyed my time on the Board of Directors and hope that I can continue to serve Area 9 (San Francisco and Reno Regions) as Director after this election.  I’m asking for your vote.